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Certificate Distribution

All the successful candidates of Kisan Soochna Kendra Course & Mini Bank Course can now Collect from Bhopal Office.

Training Of Forest Sponsored Candidates.

Kisan Soochna Kendra Operators have been initiated for all Forest Kisan Soochna Kendras at Bhopal and all Eco centers of Forest Department

Financial Inclusion Program Launched By Union Minster Shri Prakash Javrekar

Skill Programs of Jaikisan Institute has been Launched By Union Minster of Forest & Environment Shri Prakash Javrekar from Command room , 74 Banglow , Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh .

SBI Chotta ATM & Jaikisan Mini Bank made a cash-out of Rs. 100 for The Minster and also for one beneficiary of Forest Department wages deposited in central Bank  from Budini Block , Sehore District.

Jobs in Israel for Construction workers


Welcome To Jaikisan Institute


In the wake of liberalisation and globalisation of economy the demand for business executives – specialised in the field of e-governance,computer application and Rural Trade & Business. The Rural Market is growing very rapidly.

Development in India’s economic activities calls for an increasing professional force. This  compelled Jaikisan to adopt a holistic approach to the Up gradation of Skills of Manpower in Rural Areas and Hence Study Center and Digital education became part of  the Jaikisan Institute course curriculum.

Jaikisan Institute predominantly skill training providers and proud to take this training to where it is needed most and extend support for livelihoods through jobs and self employment.

These are Divided as:

1. Employers, who pay when they hire a trainee.

2. Large corporates that fund training programmes through CSR investments. Sometimes this is done with a view to then hiring the trainees themselves, and in that case the corporate can shape the training to be company-specific. Other times the CSR investment is done with a view to social good and there is no direct link back to them.

3. The government through PPPs wherein we implement the state’s social agenda. Funding is milestone based which means we receive payment at completion of training, at placement, and after a certain retention period. At present, almost 70% of funding comes from the government/PPPs, 30% from corporate CSR programmes and a very small proportion from employers. Next year, we hope to see this change with a majority of our funding coming from corporates & other employers.

We are also currently piloting a ‘self paid’ program where participants pay Rs. 5,000  for a course and self sustain by working on Job with a stipend .

Other Innovative efforts are being made to facilitate Rural Population on to Skill Development Programs.

JAIKISAN INSTITUTE OF RURAL MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY established in 2000 as a not-for-profit organisation has the mandate to work dedicatedly for achieving the goals for sustainable development by the UN with green technologies supported by green Financial resources. JAIKISAN is registered as  a Social voluntary organisation under Societies Registration Act  XX1[1860], in the year 2005. Over last twenty Years it has mainly worked in the rural areas on issues related to social development, women empowerment, Tribal welfare, poverty eradication, livelihood promotion, agriculture, rural development, water,  sanitation and forest Management.

Jaikisan has a strong presence Pan India since last 20 years and holds a great stature and recognitions for the works and endeavours towards the social upliftment of the underprivileged and women empowerment. In this journey Jaikisan have sought great support from Government - Non Government Agencies along with various international organisations to serve the purpose. Jaikisan been working closely with the Government administration as an implementation agency for social welfare projects and E- Governance . 

Jaikisan Institute has developed a sustainable network for 60,000 villages as information centre for farmers supporting the business of E-Governance  , E-Commerce, Point of Procurement,  Point of Sale and Financial Inclusion Infrastructure connecting 2 Crore faming Community and 35 Lacs women SHG community.

Jaikisan Institute is the First organisation which went Rural for skill development by Camping in the villages on live production techniques . During the training the candidates are trained while they work on a live project and earn their living while they are skilled to become an entrepreneur , from Job seeker to Job provider. The Jaikisan Institute trained person has the skills to compete in any environment rural or urban , with the capability and experience of EDP , Business Domain knowledge , Financial and Legal qualified and self sustainable to market the produce on e-Platform .   

Presently, looking at the pandemic crisis of COVID 19, Jaikisan collaborates with Rural Livelihood Mission under “PMFME” to run a program to provide employment to all those workers who are deprived and facing severe livelihood crisis by implementing Micro farm and Non-farm factories in villages as  Micro Food parks , Milk Cold Chain and Micro pack houses .

Past experience in Training and skilling 

  1. Training of  Kisan Soochna Kendra Sanchalaks - 80,000 Pan India 
  2. Training of India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra Sanchalaks - 100,000 Pan India 
  3. Training of Indian Oil Kisan Soochna Kendra  Sanchalaks - 10 in Uttarkhand
  4. Training of Micro soft Supported Cluster under Saksham Project - 350 in Uttarkhand
  5. Training of Telecom Support Sanchalaks - 80 in Haryana
  6. Training of Common service centre business model for ILF&S - 18 companies Pan India 
  7. Training of Common service Centre revenue model for SPANCO CSC - 3000 in Maharashtra 
  8. Training of Tendu Patta collectors with Financial Inclusion and revenue model for Forest department - 1,50,000 Primary society  managers and workers .in Madhya Pradesh
  9. Training of revenue and marketing model for Forest department  Ayurvedic production units -    ( Sanjivni ) - 7000 workers and Managers in Madhya Pradesh.

Type of projects executed

The types of projects range from technical support, planning, implementation, lively hood Promotion among most marginalised, capacity building and training. 

The projects ranged from women empowerment, creation of Livelihood and Agricultural opportunities, Natural Resources Management, Water & Sanitation, Child education, promotion of Functional Literacy, Training & Development as per need, MES Training, counseling on adoption of Environmental Conservation, Drug de-addiction, Family counseling, Health and Nutrition, Integrated water resource management and Promoting village level self-Governance among others.

  1. Training and Skilling for Livelihood 2 Million Candidates on CSR with Corporate
  2. Kisan Soochna Kendra Pan India - 60,000 Village Cluster
  3. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra in the state of Uttrakhand - 10634  Village Clusters
  4. Indian Oil Kisan Soochna kendra -2 Village Clusters
  5. Rural health care Dispensaries District of  Samastipur - Bihar State
  6. Soil testing Centres and Training of “Mitti Ke Doctor “ for Pan Jharkahnd - 2500 centres
  7. V2C  - NRLM Rural Incubator at Gwalior . MP
  8. V2C - Ujala CLF (HSRLM) Grameen Incubator community Rasoi.
  9. Jaikisan - MP Forest department Financial Inclusion and Mini Bank with Forest department .
  10. Jaikisan - MP Forest department Livelihood Program with Forest Department Chindwara.
  11. V2C - Kalpana Mahila Cluster HSRLM Grameen Incubator at Gwalior.
  12. Many micro units for masala , Hand Soap , Flour , Milk Collection Cold chain with SHGs of MPSRLM.
  13. In Partnership with Co-oprative Department, uttrakhand for 90 Clusters on GAUM. 
  14. Ongoing Project with NGOs in 14 Clusters in MP , 10 Clusters in UP , 5 Clusters in Rajasthan , 5 Clusters in Haryana , 5 Clusters in Bihar , 5 Clusters in Maharashtra , 5 Clusters in Orrisa and 1 Pilot in West Bengal .

Past experience with Projects with innovation

  1. Kisan Soochna Kendra in the state of Uttarakhand - 15 village Clusters
  2. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra in the state of Uttrakhand - 2700 Village Clusters
  3. Indian Oil Kisan Soochna Kendra - 1 Petrol Pump in Roorkee  , Uttarkhand
  4. Micro soft Supported Cluster under Saksham Project - 350 in Uttarkhand 
  5. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 90 J&K State 
  6. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 2 J&K State
  7. Kisan Soochna Kendra in the state of Himachal Pradesh - 321 village Clusters
  8. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra in the state of Himachal Pradesh - 7 
  9. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 300 Punjab State 
  10. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 2 Punjab state
  11. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 160 Haryana State 
  12. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 2 Haryana state
  13. Micro soft Supported Cluster under Saksham Project - 50 in Haryana Sate  
  14. Nokia Supported Telcom Huts and KSKs - 30 Village Clusters in Haryana State.
  15. Jaikisan Milk Cluster -1Gurgaon ,Haryana state
  16. Jaikisan Micro Food park - 1Gurgaon ,Haryana state
  17. V2C - Ujala CLF (HSRLM) Grameen Incubator community Rasoi.
  18. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 260 Rajasthan State 
  19. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 1 Rajasthan state
  20. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 380 Maharashtra State
  21. India Post Kisan Soochna kendra to CSCs with Sapnco - 3000 Maharashtra 
  22. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 25 in Assam & North East Sates 
  23. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 1 Assam State
  24. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 30 Odisha State 
  25. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 2 Odisha State
  26. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 82  bihar State 
  27. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 2 Bihar State
  28. Rural health care Dispensaries District of  Samastipur - Bihar State
  29. Kisan Soochna Kendra -240 Jharkhand State
  30. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 2 Jharkhand State
  31. Soil testing Centres and Training of “Mitti Ke Doctor “ for Pan Jharkahnd - 2500 centres
  32. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 600 Andra Pradesh
  33. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 2 in Andra Pradesh
  34. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 120 Karnataka 
  35. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 2 in Karnataka 
  36. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 132  Kerala state 
  37. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 132  Tamil Nadu state 
  38. Kisan Soochna Kendra in the state of chattisgarh - 409 village Clusters
  39. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra in the state of Chattisgarh - 2
  40. Kisan Soochna Kendra - 600 MP State 
  41. India Post Kisan Soochna Kendra - 2 in MP State
  42. Jaikisan - Forest KSK and Mini Bank Financial Inclusion Project for 15 lacs Tribal Pan MP - 50 Districts 
  43. Micro enterprises in Hand made soap - 14 in MP State
  44. Micro enterprises masala Making - 3 in MP State
  45. Micro enterprises Atta Making - 3 in MP State
  46. Micro enterprises Soya Milk and Toffu Making - 3 in MP State
  47. Prefabricated Zero carbon Foot Print Forest Houses in Forests of Madhya Pradesh -1
  48. Financial Inclusion project for MSRLM in Shadole District MP State
  49. V2C -Ajeevika Experience store at JMD Galleria mall for Govt Of Madhya Pradesh benificieries. 
  50. V2C -Ajeevika Experience whole sale store at Khari bawli , Chandni Chowk , Delhi  for Govt Of Madhya Pradesh benificieries. 
  51. V2C  - NRLM Rural Incubator at Gwalior . MP state

Reach and presence 

The major focus of its work remained the welfare of the poor and tribal population in the states of Madhya Pradesh , Uttrakhand , Haryana . At present the organisation is directly working in different projects in the States of MP , Orrisa , Bihar , Uttrakhand , Chattisgarh , Jharkahnd, Haryana , Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

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